I do Not Have Severe Injuries -Can I Still File For a Claim?

I do Not Have Severe Injuries -Can I Still File For a Claim?

No one wants to get involved in a car crash, primarily when it is caused due to someone else’s recklessness. When you get into a car accident, you have the option to file a car accident claim to recover your losses. However, victims do not need to incur severe physical injuries after a crash collision. Often, there may be minor injuries from which you can recover quickly. Due to this, victims wonder whether they can still file a claim. 

Just because you do not have permanent disabilities from your accidents, it does not mean your injuries are not serious. Your injuries can be severe even if you do not get disabilities. It would be best to speak to an auto accident lawyer who can help you understand whether you can file a claim or not. 

What are severe injuries?

According to the law, a few injuries are classified as severe. Below is a list of these injuries. 

  • Fractures. 
  • Death.
  • Non-permanent injuries prevent victims from doing their day-to-day activities. 
  • Dismemberment. 
  • Loss of fetus. 
  • Limitation to the use of body organs. 
  • Significant disfigurement. 

Generally, severe injuries include catastrophic injuries, but you can still apply for compensation if your injuries have something other than catastrophic injuries. Additionally, if you feel your injuries are going to last at least three months, do not fear to apply for a claim. 

What is the other compensation you can get?

When you file a car accident claim against the defendant, you are eligible for various compensation. The victims should expect more than just getting financial compensation for their physical injuries. Other compensation includes: 

  • Past and future medical assistance. 
  • Loss of income due to the accident. 
  • Emotional pain and sufferings from the accident. 
  • Loss of excitement. 
  • Property damage. 
  • Cost of transportation to reach your doctor. 
  • Other losses due to the accident.

To get compensation for all your losses and damages, it is essential to provide proof for each of them. For example, you can provide your doctor’s reports and medical bills you paid until now, your loss of income due to your injury, your therapy costs due to your accident, and property damages. Without sufficient proof, it would be challenging to get compensation. 

Contact an attorney. 

Before proceeding with the claim, make sure you speak to an experienced car accident attorney. If your injuries do not fall under severe injuries, an attorney can still help you get compensation for other losses you incurred due to the accident.