Is It Possible To Avoid Paying Alimony In Wisconsin?

Is It Possible To Avoid Paying Alimony In Wisconsin?

Spousal support is essential in many marriages because it allows both spouses to maintain the standard of living they established during the marriage after the divorce. However, in some circumstances, spousal support is unnecessary and can be avoided. In Wisconsin, spousal support is not mandatory. 

You must consult a Wisconsin spousal support lawyer that evaluates your situation and enables you to understand whether you will be able to avoid or reduce the alimony payments. They guide you and keep you informed through every step of the legal procedure to help you navigate it. 

In what ways can you avoid paying spousal support?

  • Prenuptial agreement. 

Many couples choose to plan ahead and sign a prenuptial agreement to decide the distribution of assets and finances in the event of a divorce. The agreement also allows them to make provisions regarding the non-payment of alimony. Prenuptial agreements allow you to protect your financial future and ensure that you can avoid alimony payments.

  • Provide proof that your spouse is financially stable. 

Not every person is eligible for alimony. After filing a request for spousal support awards, the requesting spouse has to prove that they need support and that the other spouse is capable of paying. However, if you collect and present evidence such as their trust funds to prove that your spouse is financially independent and capable of supporting themselves after the divorce, the award will not be granted.

  • Do not delay an inevitable divorce. 

Divorces can be distressing and challenging to cope with. However, once you are sure that you want to end your marriage, do not wait for a long time to file for divorce. Several factors, such as the length of a marriage, are considered to determine the eligibility, duration, and amount of alimony. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to avoid paying spousal support.

  • Request a vocational evaluation. 

Another factor that plays a role in determining the alimony is the requesting spouse’s capacity to earn. The vocational evaluation will help understand the person’s ability to earn income after thoroughly evaluating their education, skills, work experience, and the current job market. It is an effective way to know the spouse’s accurate earning capacity and prevents the chances of having to pay unfair alimony.

Your lawyer will provide you with a personalized legal solution based on your unique situation. They work dedicatedly to ensure that you do not risk your financial security and future because of the unfair spousal support payment.