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While initially capable of sneaking in, Mirpen, the chief of the east side’s police driver and a longtime good friend, exposes the extractors, and Equa lets herself get captured so that Martes and Files can escape. With the police in pursuit, Mikhail drives his troupe towards the train tracks separating the east from the west facet, where there is nearly all time a prepare passing by. Mikhail needs his company to escape to the west facet as, as a result of communist regulation within the east, their performances are censored. The extractors head to an aquarium on the east side of the Ikebukuro cluster to satisfy their subsequent client Mikhail, the director of a penguin ballet troupe. Toichi, the president of the yakuza group known as the Kanto Union based in Shinjuku that Files used to work for, requests the extractors to assist him in escaping Shinjuku for the Sangenjaya cluster after his succession ceremony.

Files fire a bullet that ricochets off each person’s weapons to disarm them and permit the extractors to escape. The extractors get Toichi to the shrine, where he is blasted out of a cannon to his destination. Files recall when she joined Equa’s group as she ran away and was discovered by Equa, who gave her a dream and applied that mindset to help Toichi escape. The following day, Equa, Martes, and Files begin a typical faculty day in the Ochanomizu cluster. They notice that one of the academics on their faculty, Ichiro Yamada, is depressed and sad along with his job. Yamada hires the extractors to assist him in escaping Ochanomizu to the Akihabara cluster chosen randomly. The extractors infiltrate a tower, and after fighting off a horde of safety drones, they reach the top, sending Yamada to his vacation spot utilizing a zip line.

Toichi explains that his delusions of changing into a magical lady led him to want to escape Shinjuku as he exhibits to the extractors his private collection of stereotypical magical girl outfits. That evening, while fleeing the yakuza, Toichi runs into his successor, who will not be pleased that he’s retiring before he might study everything from him. Equal is interrogated, and using her precognitive means, referred to as Fatal Luck, allows her to see a few seconds into the long run; she anticipates that Files and Martes would be available to rescue her and uses her foresight to get away. The following day, Files opens up the case containing a magical Code Geass Merchandise girl outfit, and Martes errors her for a real ghostly female.