Ways You Can Harm Your Car Accident Claim 

Ways You Can Harm Your Car Accident Claim 

If you have been in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you will be filing a car accident claim to compensate for your injuries and damages. When you file for a claim, the process is not as simple as it may appear. After filing the claim, the insurance company will examine your every move to find anything that will help them pay as little as possible.

Your actions play a vital role in the outcome of your claim’s value. Therefore, it is essential to know which actions of yours can affect your claim. Before we proceed to the details, know that one of the first ways to harm your claim is by not contacting a car accident lawyer Grand Junction. 

Now, let us look at other mistakes that can affect the outcome of your case. 

  • Delaying to get medical treatment.

If you delay your medical treatment or get a diagnosis from the doctor, the insurance company will use it as an advantage by saying that your injuries are not severe. Moreover, if you fail to get the diagnosis on the same day of your accident, it will be difficult to prove that your injuries occurred due to the accident.

  • Submitting false information to prove liability. 

Misinterpreting how the accident happened or anything regarding the accident will eliminate the chance of receiving any compensation. Irrespective of how solid your proofs are, the insurance company will conduct an investigation. During the investigation, if it is found that the information you provided is wrong, your credibility will be affected, and you will no longer be eligible to get compensation.

  1. Sharing all the minor details with the insurance company. 

Sharing too much information with the insurance company can put you in trouble. Even saying you are sorry or you feel bad about the accident or the other driver can be taken as an admission of guilt. While it is appropriate to share information demanded by the company about the accident, do not share all the details without consulting an attorney. 

  • Proceeding without speaking to a lawyer. 

The insurance company does not want you to hire a lawyer, due to which they will contact you before you even get a chance to speak to one. Proceeding without a car accident lawyer will make the case on the insurance company’s side stronger as they can easily trap you in their tactics and ask you to settle for a lower amount. However, it is essential to have a presence of an experienced car accident lawyer in Grand Junction who can make sure you do not commit any mistake to hurt your claim.