WOW TBC Classic – Staying on Era Realms or Move On to Progression Realms

WOW TBC Classic – Staying on Era Realms or Move On to Progression Realms

WOW Classic’s game world is rich with lore, characters and mysterious places to explore, indulge and interact with, prompting you to spend countless hours of in-game time while getting yourself glued to the game.

As with the current implementation of The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC) Pre-Patch phase, these experiences will certainly be changed accordingly, with narrative expansions, new characters and nightmarish enemies being introduced sequentially.

This is where you will be forced upon a juncture; remain in the fight for Azeroth in WOW Classic (Era Realms), or join against the invading forces of The Burning Legion in TBCC (Progression Realms).

A Land before Time

Players of the original WOW expansions had noted of their keen nostalgia to play the game before any of the story expansions took place.

With WOW Classic’s success in gathering returning players again, it is largely noted that fans are still longing for the base experience of the franchise, with improvements to game mechanics and updated visuals very much welcomed.

This prompted a warmly accepted move by the game’s creators: you can choose to remain in WOW Classic servers or progress into TBCC when the time comes.

So what’s the catch?

This decision is final, and that your characters will not be able to move around between these two realms respectively.

Sounds acceptable thus far, until you get to the meaty part.

If you wish to have your characters available in both realms, there will be a ‘cloning’ service available for you to opt for.

However, the bigger catch this time is that each character cloning service will be priced at $35 in order to do so.

Sounds expensive? Join thousands of others in furious outcry too!

This forced the game publishers to change their stance on the cloning fee, which has now been reduced to $15 per character.

Although some may still argue about the cost, TBCC still needs to generate income in some way or form too, with which the latest pricing model does seem reasonable for the services provided.
In the end, which decision will you ultimately make for your WOW Classic characters?

  1. Stay in WOW Classic servers (Era Realms)
  2. Progress into TBCC (Progression Realms)
  3. ‘Clone’ your characters to have them in both instances (Era Realms and Progression Realms)

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